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Nature’s Fuel Inc. Smoothie & Juice Bar was created by Alan Kleinberg: Executive chef, father, and passionate sustainable lifestyle follower.

Nature’s Fuel Inc. Smoothie & Juice Bar represents a holistic lifestyle that goes far beyond juices. It’s a healing force, an etheric potion, a source for those seeking wellness and longevity.

People come to us for daily nourishment. We are a tangible touchstone for a community excited about a new way of living.

Alan believes that food is as much about pleasure as healing; creativity as sustenance; and simplicity as the exquisite. 

When I compose a recipe, I draw inspiration from both from my travels and local farmers markets with traditional pairings of my culinary training.

 When I create a juice I want it not only to taste extraordinary, but also to work synergistically to heal and enhance your beauty, brain, body and spirit at the deepest level. 

I created Nature’s Fuel Inc.Smoothie & Juice Bar for people interested in a new way of living. Not a way where you have to erase your past, but a way fueled by excitement to help yourself live better. Our only intention is to add goodness and beauty to your life.


We are located in Avalon Park, an active, family oriented community in east Orlando Florida.

It all began one sunny day in Alan's kitchen....


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